Four Biotechnologies Redwire has on the International Space Station Right Now

Redwire’s decades of flight heritage has allowed researchers across the globe to study human health and other biological phenomena in space to improve patient care on Earth. Here are four payloads, developed by Redwire’s team in Greenville, Indiana, that are operating on the International Space Station (ISS) RIGHT NOW:

1) BioFabrication Facility (BFF)

BFF is America’s first bioprinter with a permanent home on the ISS that 3D prints with human cells in space to fabricate complex tissue structures, and enables improved regenerative medicine research and pharmaceutical testing.

2) ADvanced Space Experiment Processor Facility (ADSEP)

Often used in conjunction with BFF, our multipurpose ADSEP facility is dedicated to culturing cells, growing crystals, and even hosting live squid in space.

Advancements in pharmaceutical crystal growth in space could lead to the manufacture of drugs with improved options for delivery, and better outcomes for patients.

3) Bone Densitometer

The Bone Densitometer helps us better understand bone and muscle diseases by measuring X-ray absorption in bones and soft tissues.

This is important for understanding how bones and muscles grow weaker in spaceflight and mitigation techniques for astronauts in space and patients on Earth.

4) Multi-Use Variable-Gravity Platform

With decades of flight heritage from the shuttle and space station, Redwire’s MVP facilities each utilize centrifuges to simulate varying gravities.

This allows scientists to explore topics like cell growth, plant root growth, and bone health for applications on Earth and in deep space.

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