Bone Densitometer


The Redwire Bone Densitometer measures X-ray absorption by bone and soft tissue and reports bone density in mice. It can also quickly determine soft-tissue density, lean/fat ratio, and total animal mass (i.e., weighing mice in space). It is particularly useful for bone loss and muscle wasting studies.

Quantitative measures of bone and muscle loss in mice during orbital space flight are needed for the development of countermeasures for crew members by NASA and for bone-loss syndromes on Earth by commercial entities. Planned

studies, academic and commercial, require on-orbit analytical methods – including bone and muscle densitometry.

The “gold standard” of bone density measurement is Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) in which the absorption of X-rays is quantified at two key X-ray energies (35kV, 80kV). This method is used to calculate absolute bone density, ing/cm2 , in humans, mice and other laboratory animals.


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