Heritage + Innovation

With decades of flight heritage, combined with the agile and innovative culture of a commercial space platform, Redwire is uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of our customers and advance the future of space exploration.

We Are the Mission Partner of Choice for Civil, Commercial, and National Security Space.

The aerospace industry runs on Redwire—due to our position as a key supplier and mission enabler—our technology underpins nearly every aspect of space infrastructure. We are providing innovative space solutions that will overcome the technology gaps and infrastructure deficiencies related to human spaceflight, LEO commercialization, and national security.


EXECUTIVe Management

Peter Cannito

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Rush

Chief Operating Officer

Bill Read

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Snyder

Chief Technology Officer

Faith Horowitz

Chief Administrative Officer

Don Wesson

President, Adcole Space

Steve Bailey

President, Deep Space Systems

Tom Campbell

President, Made In Space

Al Tadros

Chief Growth Officer &

EVP of Space Infrastructure

Nathan O'Konek

Executive Vice President &

General Counsel

Nicholas Andrews

Chief Information Officer

Austin Jordan

Communications Director

Board of Directors

Joanne Isham

Former Space Government Executive

Dr. Reggie Brothers

Chief Executive Officer,

NuWave Solutions

Jeffery D. Grant

Former Space Industry Executive

Peter Cannito

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Kirk Konert

Partner, AE Industrial Partners

Jeffery Hart

Vice President,

AE Industrial Partners

Aaron Kemmer

Cofounder, Made In Space

Steve Bailey

President, Deep Space Systems

Join us as we accelerate humanity’s expansion into space.