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The only mission of its kind, DART is focused solely on testing techniques and technologies that could be used to enable future planetary defense missions and protect Earth from a dangerous asteroid impact.

Redwire is providing critical navigation and power-generation capabilities that will  enable DART to accomplish its mission.

Heritage + Innovation

We Are the Mission Partner of Choice for Civil, Commercial, and National Security Space.

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Redwire is supplying vital navigation and power generation components for NASA’s Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) mission.

IXPE is the first satellite dedicated to measuring polarized X-rays from objects, such as neutron stars and supermassive black holes, to reveal previously hidden details of the universe. It is scheduled to launch on December 9, 2021, from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Redwire Technology Powering IXPE

Redwire designed, manufactured and delivered the rigid solar panel array that will power IXPE under a 2018 contract with Ball Aerospace.

Redwire also supplied twelve Coarse Sun Sensor (CSS) detectors to be used for solar array pointing, sun acquisition, and fail-safe recovery of the IXPE spacecraft. 


Redwire Acquires Techshot, the Leader in Space Biotechnology

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Redwire To Provide Range of Next-Generation Technologies and Capabilities, for First-of-Its Kind Commercial Space Station

Redwire to contribute microgravity manufacturing, digital engineering, and advanced sensors and components to support the station

Blue Origin and Sierra Space, in partnership with space industry leaders including Boeing, Redwire Space, Genesis Engineering Solutions, and Arizona State University  today announced plans for Orbital Reef, a commercially developed, owned, and operated space station to be built in low Earth orbit. The station will open the next chapter of human space exploration and development by facilitating the growth of a vibrant ecosystem and business model for the future.

The Orbital Reef represents the next evolution of the commercial space paradigm by creating the first ever crewed private sector platform in low Earth orbit. The Orbital Reef will carry forward the singular legacy of the ISS, supporting innovative microgravity research, development, and manufacturing activities which will advance fields as diverse as communications and biotechnology."

Mike Gold
Redwire Executive Vice President for Civil Space and External Affairs

Capabilities + Technology

Redwire capabilities and technology are pushing the boundaries of the future space economy.

Space Commercialization

Solutions that allow a continuous presence of people living and working in space.

Digitally Engineered Spacecraft

Exploration, Military, and Satellite operations with lower costs and lead time for spacecraft development.

On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly & Manufacturing

Cost effective, large, self- assembling structures that allow manufacturing, repair and reconstitution of satellite assets.

Advanced Sensors & Components

Scalable, efficient, and proven power and navigation capabilities in-orbit.

Space Domain Awareness & Resiliency

Enhanced ability to detect and intercept threats to global and national security.

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