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Space Commercialization

Advanced manufacturing will yield increased commercial activity in low Earth orbit (LEO) and can create demand for high value industrial products for use on Earth. Redwire is pioneering advanced space manufacturing technologies to revolutionize off-earth manufacturing at scale to grow a robust LEO economy. Redwire technology is expanding economic opportunities in LEO through manufacturing industrial products for space and terrestrial use.

Orion is NASA’s deep space exploration spaceship that will carry astronauts from Earth to the Moon and bring them safely home.

Digitally Engineered Spacecraft

Redwire specializes in digital engineering technology, which significantly lowers the costs, risks, and lead times associated with traditional spacecraft development. Alongside several active digital engineering programs, Redwire’s first-of-its-kind – digital engineering environment, the Hyperion Operational Space Simulation Laboratory, leverages the full suite of Redwire digital engineering capabilities, including software- and hardware-in-the-loop configurations, to enable next generation space architectures and solutions, such as advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and cyber technologies.


On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly & Manufacturing

On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM) unlocks the possibility of scalable space architectures that cannot currently be stowed and launched from Earth. The ability to construct large, self-assembling structures in space revolutionizes the economics of space infrastructure. Redwire is pioneering these capabilities, as seen through its Archinaut technology platform, which is being utilized for NASA’s OSAM-2 mission.

Advanced Sensors & Components

Redwire’s advanced sensors and components are enabling unparalleled navigation and power generation capabilities for today’s most critical missions. Redwire’s sensors and components provide more power and capability on-orbit with more processing power and smaller form factors. By combining new space technologies with a proven heritage in space flight, Redwire is uniquely qualified to meet the complexity and demands of today’s growing and evolving space industry.

Space Domain Awareness & Resiliency

Redwire technology, from OSAM to digital engineering, provides critical capabilities that make it possible to both detect and intercept the growing number of threats facing global and national security assets, both terrestrially and in space. Specialized, dependable spacecraft components and innovative new capabilities help spacecraft adapt to the rapidly changing national security landscape.


Heritage + Innovation

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Redwire continues to lead the way in pioneering innovative in-space manufacturing and servicing technologies that deliver incomparable benefits and cost savings across a wide range of applications.

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