Executive Management Team

We Are the Mission Partner of Choice for Civil, Commercial, and National Security Space.
Peter Cannito
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Rush
President and
Chief Operating Officer
Bill Read
Chief Financial Officer
Al Tadros
Chief Growth Officer and
Executive Vice President, Space Infrastructure
Michael Snyder
Chief Technology Officer
Faith Horowitz
Chief Administrative Officer
Nick Andrews
Chief Information Officer
Steve Bailey
Chief Engineer
Stanly O. Kennedy, Jr.
Chief Architect
Nathan O'Konek
Executive Vice President
and General Counsel
Tom Campbell
Executive Vice President,
Redwire Mission Solutions
Adam Biskner
Executive Vice President,
Redwire Engineering Solutions
Dean Bellamy
Executive Vice President, National Security Space
Mike Gold
Executive Vice President, Civil Space and External Affairs
Don Wesson
President, Adcole Space
Chris Pearson
President, Roccor
Maureen O’Brien
Senior Vice President,
Digital Engineering Solutions
Suzanne Gillen
Vice President, Government Relations and Business Development
Austin Jordan
Vice President of Marketing and Communications