Join Us In Building The Future In Space

Redwire is an innovative space technology developer driven by some of the most cutting-edge brands in the aerospace industry.

Redwire is charting a new course that will enable humanity to expand beyond low Earth orbit and fully utilize the space environment to advance exploration and commercial activities.

Our Culture

Our foundation is built on two guiding principles: heritage + innovation. With over 160 successful spaceflight missions across all Redwire brands, we are proud of our technology’s incredible flight heritage. And as we deliver for our customers today, we are also innovating next generation capabilities for a new era of space exploration.

As one of the most innovative space companies in the world, we are committed to technical excellence and mission success which is reinforced by our core values.

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Our Core Values


We believe in always doing the right thing and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards to do what’s best for our customers and our company.


We believe working together allows us to be more effective, efficient and enables us to accomplish more. We value diversity of thought, skills and leadership to achieve mission success.


We are a people-first organization and we believe that diversity makes us stronger. We strive to minimize barriers and promote diversity of identity, thoughts, and experience.


We pride ourselves in delivering incredible value to our customers which is achieved through maintaining a mission-focused mindset. We value dependability, trustworthiness, and dedication in all aspects of our business to deliver for our customers.


We believe in exceeding our customers expectations and delivering on our commitments.

Career Opportunities

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