Redwire Tech Talks, Special NASA Guest Visits and More Make For Another Successful Day at Space Symposium

Redwire Chief Engineer, Steve Bailey, Redwire Business Development Associate, Kari Abromitis, and Firefly SVP of Spacecraft, Shea Ferring

Following happy hour at the Redwire booth, a big crowd gathered to see Redwire Chief Engineer, Steve Bailey, Redwire Business Development Associate, Kari Abromitisand Firefly SVP of Spacecraft, Shea Ferring, discussed commercial Lunar exploration. Redwire recently won a contract to provide avionics and critical navigation systems for Firefly’s Blue Ghost lunar lander, scheduled to deliver 10 science investigations and technology demonstrations to the Moon in 2023 as part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program. The panelists discussed how the Redwire and Firefly teams have been a “perfect marriage, complementing each other’s strengths as they continue to successfully meet the program’s milestones. The team reiterated the importance of the CLPS program, a key part of NASA’s Artemis lunar exploration efforts, and how NASA’s mission to foster a commercial marketplace for lunar activity will enable more science and exploration for years to come. 

Special visits from NASA

Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator for NASA, and Elon Gordon, Redwire Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, the Associate Administrator for NASA, visited the Redwire booth yesterday to get a close-up look at our advanced manufacturing facilities currently onboard the International Space Station (ISS). We also showcased Redwire’s deployable technology enabling NASA’s Solar Cruiser mission, which will have the largest solar sail ever tested in space, to travel to the Sun.

Vanessa E. Wyche, Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Justin Kugler, Redwire Acting General Manager of Mission Solutions 

Today, Vanessa E. Wyche, Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center met with Redwire’s Justin Kugler, Acting General Manager of Mission Solutions, was given a demo of our high-resolution flight cameras that support NASA’s Artemis program.

NASA Astronaut Col. Nick Hague and Redwire Senior Manager of Brand Strategy Tere Riley

Renowned NASA Astronaut Col. Nick Hague met with Redwire’s Senior Manager of Brand Strategy Tere RileySelected as an astronaut in 2013, Hague served as Flight Engineer on the ISS for Expeditions 59 and 60 and has logged a total of 203 days in space.  


Upcoming Events 
Located at Booth #1375, in the main exhibit hall, Redwire will host happy hour starting at 3:30 p.m. MT followed by a tech talk highlighting Redwire’s flight heritage with in-space manufacturing and its importance for continued growth in low-Earth orbit. 

Schedule below: 
4:00-4:30 p.m. MT 
Tech Talk: Enabling Space Commercialization with In-Space Manufacturing
Featuring: Justin Kugler, Acting General Manager of Redwire’s Mission Solutions, and Alicia Carey, Lead Program Manager, Redwire

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