Redwire Leaves Lasting Impression at the 36th Space Symposium

On the last full day of Space Symposium, Redwire wrapped up a successful week discussing its cutting-edge capabilities that are transforming the future of space infrastructure, delivering for customers’ most important missions, and accelerating humanity’s expansion into space.  

Redwire’s Acting General Manager of Mission Solutions, Justin Kugler, and Lead Program Manager, Alicia Carey.

Following a Redwire-hosted happy hour, Redwire’s Acting General Manager of Mission Solutions, Justin Kugler, and Lead Program Manager, Alicia Carey, discussed how Redwire enables space commercialization with in-space manufacturing. Redwire is pioneering the advancement of on-orbit manufacturing and advanced materials manufacturing technologies, the critical building blocks for the continued growth of the low-Earth orbit (LEO) economy. 
Carey discussed activities happening now with the Redwire Regolith Print (RRP) 3D-printing three slabs on the International Space Station (ISS). RRP is a new technology demonstration using lunar regolith simulant. She also mentioned the second flight of the Turbine Ceramic Manufacturing Module (TCMM) launching on SpaceX CRS-23 tomorrow, Friday, August 27th, at 3:37 a.m. EDT from Kennedy Space Center, Florida. 

The Redwire team poses for a photo with Senator Michael Bennet.

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet stopped by the Redwire booth to learn more about Redwire’s defense and Colorado-specific capabilities. Senator Bennet and the Redwire team discussed our digital engineering and deployable structures solutions for civil space, national security space and intelligence communities.  

The Redwire team poses for a photo at the Women’s Global Gathering Luncheon.

The Redwire team sponsored a table and attended the Women’s Global Gathering Luncheon, where participants heard accomplished senior leaders share insights on the importance of women in the future of space exploration.  

Although the conference took place later in the year than the usual April date, Space Symposium provided an opportunity to connect with our partners and meet with industry leaders. We are grateful for their time, and we thank our entire team for a successful show. We look forward to being at the 37th Space Symposium in 2022. 

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