Recognizing the Power of Diverse Voices and Experiences at Redwire for Hispanic Heritage Month

Redwire is proud to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize and celebrate our team members who identify with the Hispanic culture. As part of our commitment to Redwire’s core values of inclusivity and impact, we advocate for diversity and inclusion within our company and continue our work to recruit and retain Hispanic and Latino employees.  

Redwire is proud to highlight a few of our shining Hispanic employees and recognize their work to build above and advance the future of space. 

Strategic Communications with Tere Riley 

Tere Riley is the Senior Manager of Brand Strategy for Redwire, tackling everything from media releases, graphic design, external marketing campaigns and launch experiences. Managing a team of marketing and communications professionals, Tere helps build the Redwire brand, differentiating it from others in the industry. To Tere, Hispanic Heritage month is a bit like celebrating a birthday. She loves that heritage months give people a chance to pause and speak up about their culture and the impact it has on the world. She is proud of her heritage and believes it should be celebrated during this month, but also that we should make room for celebrating our diverse cultures every day. 

Caption: Tere Riley, Sr. Manager Brand Strategy, highlights the Redwire technology that enabled the DART mission at the DART impact event in Sept. 2022

“Culture makes you stand out, be unique and create a space for others to feel welcomed,” says Riley. “Embrace it, bring it, and influence! The aerospace industry is in need of everyone, all jobs, all cultures so don’t be afraid to apply for that job, even if you feel underqualified, network with people who don’t think like you, and never stop learning.” 

Quality Control with Monica Velasquez 

Monica Velazquez is a Quality Controller for Redwire’s Goleta, California, facility. Monica has done quality control for multiple Redwire technologies like our Roll-Out Solar Arrays (ROSA), ensuring that our products pass inspection before delivery.  

“We don’t need to live with regrets,” says Velazquez. “We have to explore the world.” 


At Redwire, we celebrate heritage months to recognize the diverse voices and cultural backgrounds that represent the company’s employees and their accomplishments in the aerospace community. Without the influential contributions of Hispanic and Latino employees, we would not be on the cusp of a new age of aerospace as we move forward in our mission to ensure humanity’s expanded presence in space.   

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