Redwire Attends First Ever Silicon Valley Space Week

Hosted back-to-back for the first time, two premier satellite industry events, Satellite Innovation and the MilSat Symposium, joined forces for Silicon Valley Space Week (SVSW) from October 11-14 in Mountain View, California. 

The Redwire team participated in three panels during the event, highlighting next-generation satellite solutions and capabilities including power generation, digital engineering, guidance, navigation and control, and in-space manufacturing and assembly.  

Business Development Manager Michael Stinson and Senior Conference and Events Coordinator Trey Clinton at the Redwire booth.

Satellite Innovation Symposium: October 11-12 

Redwire was proud to sponsor the presentations at SVSW, bringing thought leaders from around the world together to discuss the future of space-based business solutions including new tools for communications, Earth observation, and more. 

President & COO of Redwire Andrew Rush spoke on the In-Space Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (ISAM) panel at Satellite Innovation on October 11. “The biggest opportunity for ISAM is meeting the customer where they are, rather than limiting to a specific capability like refueling or assembly,” said Rush. “We need to sell them the mission, not the technology.” 

President & COO of Redwire, Andrew Rush, speaks at the ISAM panel during SVSW.

Chief Technology Officer Al Tadros discussed Redwire’s disruptive technologies during the Satellite Innovation as a Disruptive Technology - Understanding the Broad Impact of New Technologies panel on October 12.  

Chief Technology Officer, Al Tadros, speaks at the Satellite Innovation as a Disruptive Technology - Understanding the Broad Impact of New Technologies panel during SVSW.

“It’s a target rich environment for new and disruptive technologies,” said Tadros. “Redwire is proud to be developing many key technologies, including antennas for direct-to-warfighter communications, ISAM capabilities to maximize the benefits of space for humanity, and cybersecurity software to harden our space assets.” 

MilSat Symposium: October 13-14 

At MilSat Symposium, Redwire engaged with national security space and industry partners to connect leaders from the commercial space industry to defense decision-makers. 

Executive Vice President of National Security Space at Redwire Col. Dean Bellamy, USAF, Ret., spoke during the Strengthening National Security Space with Commercial Partners panel on October 13. Bellamy spoke about the importance of resiliency across space systems and how Redwire’s solutions for digital engineering, power, and communications are enabling our warfighters. 

Executive Vice President of National Security Space at Redwire, Col. Dean Bellamy, USAF, Ret., speaks during the Strengthening National Security Space with Commercial Partners panel at SVSW.

Redwire has been a leader in digital engineering and software for years, and the capability we’re unlocking for customer missions is reducing schedule, technical risk, and cost,” said Bellamy. Our digital engineering space labs are enabling government and commercial customers to perform ConOps trades and evaluation of mission success.” 

Redwire looks forward to attending the event again next year and continuing discussions of Redwire’s capabilities and technologies to further the future of space innovation and national security goals.  

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