Redwire at CONFERS: Global Satellite Servicing Forum

About the Event
Date: October 19, 2022 - October 20, 2022
The GSSF, hosted by the Consortium for Execution of Rendezvous and Servicing Operations (CONFERS) is the space sector’s premier in-space infrastructure and operations event. The 2022 GSSF will feature leading commercial and government satellite operators, satellite manufacturers, satellite servicing providers, policy leaders, financial and insurance experts, and media from around the world highlighting key themes in the satellite servicing segment including:
- How satellite servicing is currently supporting space-sector growth.
- Promising opportunities and critical needs for the future growth in in-space activities.
- Operational experience and results leading to sustained satellite servicing operations.
The Global Satellite Servicing Forum’s agenda has been coordinated with and will be complementary to the 2022 NASA ISAM Workshop on October 17-18, also in the Washington, DC metro area. Registration is managed by NASA and limited to U.S. persons and entities.

Panel:  Money Makes the Orbits go ‘Round: Financing the Growing Satellite Servicing Industry
Thursday October 20, 4:00-5:00PM EDT

Companies that are working on a solution for satellite servicing are mostly at an early stage. many of these are venture-backed start-ups, simultaneously attempting to build a company and create a whole new ecosystem. For these companies, the issue of making accurate revenue projections, acquiring funds, and maintaining runway are paramount. Investment from both public and private financing sources is driving this nascent, high-growth sector of the space industry. In this session, we will hear the visions from some of these financial leaders. What makes servicing ‘investable’? And how does financing translate to sustainable companies and capabilities?

  • Pete Cannito, Chairman & CEO, Redwire
  • Xiaoming Yin, Senior Investment Manager, Lockheed Martin Ventures

Panel:  Spreading the Word: Trust, Transparency, and Tangible Benefits
     – When: Thursday, October 20, 12:00-1:00PM EDT

In order for the satellite servicing ecosystem to thrive – that ecosystem must both be able to provide value and benefit to the broader community and to effectively engage with that broader community – including clients, governments, and the public – in communicating the story of satellite servicing. This session will focus on communicating effectively around servicing activities. It will keep in mind a CONFERS Guiding Principle, “Parties conducting commercial servicing operations will work within the principle of transparency to promote safety and trust.”

  • Mike Gold, EVP, Civil Space and External Affairs, Redwire Space
  • Dave Hebert, VP of Global Marketing, Astroscale U.S.
  • Che Bolden, President & CEO, Charles F. Bolden Group
  • Camille Elizabeth, Advanced Programs Business Development, Orbit Fab
  • Theresa Hitchens, Senior Space Reporter, Breaking Defense​

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