A New Chapter for Human Spaceflight

NASA’s Artemis I Mission is a monumental moment for human spaceflight, America’s return to the Moon, and humanity’s future in space. Redwire technology will enable the success of the mission by providing navigation and unprecedented vehicle imaging capabilities.

Mission Overview

Artemis I will be the first in a series of increasingly complex NASA missions to build a long-term human presence at the Moon for decades to come.

The primary goals for Artemis I are to demonstrate Orion’s systems in a spaceflight environment and ensure a safe re-entry, descent, splashdown, and recovery prior to the first flight with crew on Artemis II.

Redwire is providing an array of internal and external inspection and navigation cameras comprising the Orion Camera System, under a contract with Lockheed Martin.  The 11 internal and in-vacuum cameras that make up the Orion Camera System will allow in-flight inspection of the entire spacecraft from the docking hatch to the main engine, provide data to the Camera Controller for machine vision processing to determine Orion’s position and velocity relative to Earth, and record and stream high-quality video of key mission events such as separation, jettison, deployment and release events.

In addition to the Orion Camera System, Redwire is also providing a mission-unique kit that includes a virtual reality camera and forward-facing console camera that will be flying on the Artemis I mission.

Redwire is also providing four redundant Coarse Sun Sensor (CSS) detector assemblies for Orion’s European Service Module (ESM), the spacecraft’s primary power, thermal control, and propulsion component, through a contract with Airbus. The CSS detectors will perform sun acquisition and solar array pointing functions for the Orion spacecraft.

Redwire Technology On Artemis

Camera Systems

Redwire was selected to supply 11 purpose-built cameras that will provide critical mission monitoring and in-flight inspection of the Orion spacecraft throughout the mission. Learn more about some of Redwire's space camera and vision systems:

Sun Sensors

Redwire sun sensors will perform sun acquisition and solar array pointing functions for the Orion spacecraft. Learn more about some of Redwire's spacecraft sun sensor systems:

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