About More Heart Than Scars

For those living life with significant scars – whether from an accident or surgery, from birth, or from psychology wounds – the simple everyday routines that most take for granted are obstacles that can be overwhelming, even insurmountable.

The More Heart Than Scars (MHtS) foundation empowers adaptive athletes to conquer the challenges presented in extreme obstacle course competitions and races.

These accomplishments and the celebration of these victories can be powerful, inspiring, even life changing.

To facilitate these types of experiences the MHtS team:

  • Coaches prepare and motivate. They work with those who are at various stages of commitment and preparedness, ranging from believing that they “couldn’t possibly compete in a race” to impressive athletes like Mark who are seeking to “capture the trifecta” by completing three Spartan events.
  • Coordinates and facilitates. They work to ensure a safe experience for the athlete, and a rewarding one for race organizers and other participants.
  • Secures and/or develops specialized equipment necessary for the adaptive athlete and team to compete safely.

In order to fulfill the mission “to encourage others to live boldly and to help people transcend – and even embrace – visible and invisible scars, trauma, and loss, by overcoming obstacles together” it takes support to fund travel, facilities, equipment, etc.

The Roccor team is a proud supporter of MHtS and we invite you to join us in supporting this worthy and inspiring cause.


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