Roccor’s CEO Discusses New Administration’s Impact on the Aerospace Industry

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“But Doug Campbell, CEO of Roccor, a Longmont-based aerospace engineering firm, isn’t getting too worked up over it.

‘I kind of came to the conclusion that any impact will be a wash,’ Campbell said.

Roccor has three main revenue sources: commercial space operations, NASA, and the Department of Defense. The way Campbell sees it, an uptick in defense contracts could be offset by a dip in business from NASA, as the organization might face funding cuts from a seemingly science-adverse administration.

‘Right now, I would say our biggest activity is on the commercial space side, which is completely insulated from Washington, D.C. and politics,’ he said. ‘We’ve done a good job in terms of diversifying and I’m pretty confident my business can survive anything except maybe a total economic meltdown ala 2008.’

Either way, he said, ‘I’m not losing sleep over it.’”

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