Redwire Wraps Up Successful Run at 37th Space Symposium

On the last day of Space Symposium, Redwire wrapped up a successful week discussing its development of mission critical space solutions and high reliability components that are shaping the future of space infrastructure.  

The Space Foundation New Generation Team offered Exhibit Center student tours today, so Redwire subject matter experts spent time speaking with the newest generation of space enthusiasts about emerging technologies and the future of the aerospace industry.  

Tech Talk 

Redwire hosted a tech talk on the Future of Space Architectures. Austin Jordan, Redwire’s Vice President of Communications, spoke with retired NASA Astronaut and Astrophysicist John Grunsfeld, Ph.D., and Redwire’s Vice President of National Security Space Business Development, Juli Lawless, about the promising possibilities of In-space assembly and manufacturing, structures for national security space and more. Panelists discussed future architecture needs that will be important for civil space and national security space applications. Next-generation missions for both sectors will necessitate the development of sustainable, resilient, and adaptive space architectures.  

Austin Jordan, Redwire’s Vice President of Communications, spoke with retired NASA Astronaut and Astrophysicist John Grunsfeld, Ph.D., and Redwire’s Vice President of National Security Space Business Development, Juli Lawless

“Space logistics is a big part of the future of aerospace,” said Grunsfeld. “When we can manufacture things in space and have the supply chain start from raw materials, then we can really have control of the space domain.” 

Executive Interview 

Earlier in the week, Redwire CEO Peter Cannito hosted an Executive Interview virtually with the Space Foundation. Cannito spoke with Jeff Carr, President of Griffin Communications Group, about Redwire’s heritage and innovation strategy. When asked what is Redwire Space all about, Cannito said, “The foundational technologies for the future of space infrastructure. If you think about the foundational technologies that drive the terrestrial economy, like power or engineering support or avionics, these foundations are the future of the space economy as well. Redwire is poised to break into this economy and drive the future of this technological structure.” 

Redwire CEO Peter Cannito and Jeff Carr, President of Griffin Communications Group

Conference Highlights 

This year’s Space Symposium was an exciting opportunity for Redwire to showcase its next-generation space infrastructure technology and capabilities, including its Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA), ACORN digital engineering software, the STAARK robotic arm, and the 3d BioFabrication Facility.  

Redwire experts spoke on several panels, and Redwire hosted daily in-booth tech talks with space industry leaders covering timely, relevant topics, including:  

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