Redwire Team Shares Insights on NASA’s Artemis Program on Arizona State University’s “The Road to Artemis” Panel

On Sunday, August 28, Redwire’s Executive Vice President of Civil Space and External Affairs, Mike Gold, and Vice President of Civil Space, Gabe Sherman, joined other space policy leaders to discuss the upcoming Artemis I mission and how NASA’s Artemis program will return humanity to the Moon by 2025. Sponsored by the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University, The Road to Artemis panel explored how NASA, commercial, and international partners were able to collaborate, further enabling new knowledge and opportunities across the space sector, as the U.S. and Artemis partner nations make a long-awaited return to deep space. The panel brought together experts spanning three Presidential administrations, including:  

  • Charles F. Bolden Jr., 12th NASA Administrator 
  • Jim Bridenstine, 13th NASA Administrator  
  • Dr. Bhavya Lal, NASA Associate Administrator for the Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy; and former Senior White House Appointee and Acting Chief of Staff 
  • Dr. Scott Pace, former Executive Director of the National Space Council 
  • Mike Gold, former NASA Associate Administrator for Space Policy and Partnerships; and former Acting Associate Administrator for the Office of International and Interagency Relations, EVP Civil Space, Redwire  
  • Gabe Sherman, former NASA Chief of Staff, VP Civil Space, Redwire 
  • Moderated by: Dr. Greg Autry, Clinical Professor and Director, Thunderbird Initiative for Space Leadership, Policy, and Business; Former NASA White House Liaison; Advisor to the US Dept of Transportation for Commercial Space (COMSTAC) 

Both Mike Gold and Gabe Sherman brought their own unique experiences to the discussion: Mike Gold previously served as former NASA Associate Administrator for Space Policy and Partnerships and former Acting Associate Administrator for the Office of International and Interagency Relations, while Gabe Sherman was former NASA Chief of Staff. 

Watch a recording of the panel discussion to learn more about the hard work and collaborations that made the Artemis program possible.  

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