Redwire Highlights Innovative SmallSat Solutions at the 36th Annual Small Satellite Conference

Redwire recently attended the Small Satellite Conference in Logan, Utah. Alongside industry leaders, Redwire experts explored next-generation solutions for today’s most demanding commercial, civil, and national security small satellite missions. Throughout the week, the Redwire team showcased Redwire’s critical components, digital engineering technology, and deployable solutions enabling the industry’s most complex small satellite missions. 

At this year’s SmallSat Conference, Redwire showcased critical capabilities for today’s most ambitious small satellite missions.

On Wednesday, August 10, Redwire’s Chief Technology Officer, Al Tadros, moderated a panel discussion between commercial and government leaders titled “Building Resilient and Secure Constellations. Participants explored the importance of outpacing adversaries and improving small satellite constellation resiliency; digital engineering and cybersecurity; responsive launch and reconstitution; and how to foster greater collaboration between industry and government to build more resilient space assets.  

Panelists included: 

  • Dean Bellamy, Executive Vice President, National Security Space, Redwire 
  • Col. Rhet Turnbull, Deputy Director, Space Systems Integration Office, U.S. Space Systems Command 
  • Jason Mello, President, Space Transport Services, Firefly Aerospace 
  • Valerie Skarupa, President, Dark Star Space 
  • Kyle Kemble, Space Data Transport Division Chief, Space Warfighting Analysis Center, U.S. Space Force 
Redwire hosted a panel discussion at the SmallSat Conference titled “Building Resilient and Secure Constellations.”

Redwire also participated in two poster sessions during the event, which highlighted Redwire’s SpaceCREST cyber resiliency initiative and advanced thermal analysis using Redwire’s Veritrek software. 

On Wednesday evening, Redwire hosted a fiesta which gathered conference attendees for an evening of tacos, margaritas, and conversation. If you made it out, thanks for joining us! 

Redwire thanks the team that attended this year’s SmallSat Conference and the industry colleagues, partners, and fellow panelists. We are looking forward to seeing everyone next year! 

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