Made In Space Wins NASA Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award

MOFFETT FIELD, Calif., April 17, 2018 — At an awards ceremony in Houston, Texas, NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) recognized Made In Space (MIS) Inc. with their Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award. MIS has operated the Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) for the past two years aboard the International Space Station. JSC oversees AMF operations for NASA and nominated MIS for the award.

“We’re honored to win this prestigious award,” said Mike Snyder, MIS co-founder and chief engineer. “We’re grateful for NASA’s confidence in our team and look forward to success with AMF and other programs for many years to come.”

Operation and integration of AMF onto ISS National Lab could not have been possible without major support from Johnson and Marshall Space Flight Centers in addition to the ISS crewmembers assistance on station. ​AMF is a second-generation 3D printing device and was designed as modular and upgradeable to adapt to new technology and future long duration missions. MIS operates the device on a weekly basis and has manufactured more than 100 parts for commercial and government customers as well as universities and researchers.

AMF enables a vast array of on-orbit manufacturing capabilities such as complex tools, spare parts, and multi-part assemblies. The printer utilizes multiple feedstock polymers such as ULTEM (PEI/PC), ABS, and Braskem Green PE. Other print opportunities have included medical devices for the crew, space capable frames for cubesats, and STEM research for organizations around the world. Once a print is commissioned, it is put into the print queue and digitally launched to the printer on ISS. MIS is grateful for the recognition of the countless hours put in by our AMF team.

Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Awards are given to companies who: perform well on every NASA contract at the nominating center during an awards review period; exhibit responsiveness to contractual requirements; and work cooperatively with contracting officials and program personnel.

About Made In Space:

Made In Space, Inc. (MIS) is the world’s most experienced space manufacturing company. Established in 2010 and with offices in Florida, California, Alabama and Ohio, MIS leverages the unique properties of the space environment to develop manufacturing solutions to commercial, industrial, research and defense challenges. ​Archinaut, one of MIS’ flagship programs, enables in-space production and assembly of the backbone structures for large telescopes, repair, augmentation, or repurposing of existing spacecraft, and unmanned assembly of new space stations. ​The company’s vision is to enable the future of space exploration by offering off-Earth manufacturing capabilities. For more information about MIS, visit​ ​​.


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