Redwire to attend ASCEND 2021

About the Event
Date: November 15, 2021 - November 17, 2021
2021 ASCEND takes off in November with hundreds of ideas and insights to build your off-world future faster. Join our growing community for six days of visionary sessions about building, working, and living in space — presented by the pioneers who are accelerating humanity’s progress today.

ASCEND welcomes the worldwide, interdisciplinary community of students, professionals, and serious enthusiasts — from classrooms through careers — who are actively pursuing their technical, scientific, and engineering interests in space. This includes “endemic” aeronautic and astronautic sectors traditionally served by AIAA and “adjacent” sectors that see space as a new place to build, work, and live.

Redwire will be participating in a virtual session that leads into the in-person event, as well as both in-person locations in Las Vegas & Washington D.C. the week of the 11/15-17.
Below are the sessions and panels that Redwire representatives will be sharing the stage with industry leaders.


Aligning Government Demand to Commercial Supply to Advance U.S. Leadership in Space
When: Monday, November 8, 9:15-10:15AM PST
Where: Virtual
Panel Overview: National security and exploration missions led by government agencies can benefit from aligning with commercial capabilities across the space enterprise. A prime example is the evolution of the Artemis ecosystem through commercial solutions for communication, navigation, transport, and logistics. The panel brings voices from NASA, key contractors, academia, and the investment community together to identify opportunities for greater integration of commercial solutions into government space missions.

  • Moderator: Uma Bruegman, Principal Director, Strategic Assessments and Studies, The Aerospace Corporation
      • Al Tadros, Chief Growth Officer & Executive Vice President, Redwire
      • Nick Cummings, Director, Civil Space Advanced Development, SpaceX
      • Heather Jo Richman, Founder, Defense Investor Network
      • Bhavya Lal, Senior Advisor to the NASA Administrator for Budget and Finance, NASA

NASA’s In-Space Manufacturing Project: Using the International Space Station as a Testbed for Manufacturing Technology
When: Monday, November 15, 1:00-2:00PM PST
Where: Las Vegas
Session Overview: NASA’s In-Space Manufacturing (ISM) project works with commercial partners to develop the manufacturing and materials technologies that will reduce logistics on future space missions by providing on-demand manufacturing and recycling capabilities. This session features several ISM commercial partners and will highlight their work on developing metal manufacturing systems for International Space Station demonstrations, recyclable materials for launch packaging, and in-process monitoring approaches for on-orbit quality control.

  • Moderator: Alexander Blanchard
      • Kevin DiMarzio, Vice President, Business Development, Redwire
      • Ian Fuller, Research Engineer/Team Leader, Cornerstone Research Group
      • Phillip Hall, Team Lead, Systems Engineering Branch of the Space Systems Department, NASA
      • Andy Kurk, Program Manager, Redwire (formerly TechShot)

Policy for Growing Commercial Space Opportunities
When: Monday, November 15, 2:00-3:00PM ET
Where: Ronald Reagan Building Rotunda Room, Washington D.C.
Session Overview: This session will sharpen our focus on how policy can be used to accelerate, enhance, and shape commercial space opportunities while balancing the array of technical, financial, legal, and programmatic factors. Topics for the dynamic discussion include:

  • When is it appropriate for government to use commercial services?
  • What are the benefits and risks of firm-fixed-price procurements and Other Transactional Authorities?
  • How can government and industry work together to accelerate “hard tech” development for space?
  • How can regulations encourage the growth of purely private space ventures while still protecting public safety and other national interests?
  • Moderator: Tim Dominick, Chair, AIAA Public Policy
    • Dean Bellamy, Executive Vice President for National Security Business Development, Redwire
    • Tom Hammond, Senior Policy Advisor, House Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee (Minority Staff)
    • Ezinne Uzo-Okoro, Assistant Director for Space Policy, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)​

OSAM: Enabling Large Scale Assembly
When: Tuesday, November 16, 1:00-2:00PM PST
Where: Forum Ballroom, Las Vegas
Panel Overview: The proliferation of On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing (OSAM) technologies will see deployable, scalable structures and architectures that exceed what we could fit into a rocket fairing. OSAM technologies will ensure that future assets are resilient and adaptable by leveraging on-orbit manufacturing and robotic technology to repair, reconfigure, or reconstitute existing assets. This session will discuss the near-term needs for industry adoption of OSAM capabilities necessary for advanced space exploration.

  • Moderator: John Grunsfeld, Ph.D., Astrophysicist and NASA Astronaut (retired)
    • Andrew Rush, President & COO, Redwire
    • John Reed, Chief Technologist, ULA
    • Lisa May, Chief Technologist for Lockheed Civil Space 

New Business Model for LEO Destinations
When: Tuesday, November 16, 2:15-2:55 PM PST
Where: Summit Ballroom 212-213, Las Vegas
Panel Overview: What will it mean for governments to become “one of many” customers for turnkey services in low Earth orbit? For one thing, commercially owned and operated destinations in space can adapt widely-used terrestrial business practices rather than aerospace government contracting. Making the investment environment predictable will allow new markets to emerge and grow, which is essential for commercial viability of LEO destinations.

  • Moderator: Carissa Christiansen, CEO, BryceTech
      • Justin Kugler, General Manager of Mission Solutions, Redwire
      • Lindy Elkins-Tanton, Vice President, Arizona State University Interplanetary Initiative
      • Janet Kavandi, Executive Vice President, Sierra Space Systems
      • Brent Sherwood, Senior Vice President, Advanced Development Programs, Blue Origin

Technical Session: On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing
When: Tuesday, November 16, 2:15-3:15PM PST
Where: Virtual, Las Vegas
Session: On-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM) Enhancing Climate Research

    • Authors: Michael P. Snyder, Paul Shestople, Kari Abromitis, Dash Kieler, German Acosta Quiros, & Simon Patane – Redwire Space

Macro Session – Managing Space
When: Wednesday November 17, 8:00-9:00AM PST
Where: Forum Ballroom, Las Vegas
Keynote Session Overview: Space domain awareness, space situational awareness, or space traffic management – no matter what terminology we apply the global space community is urgently aware of the need for increased insight, management, and coordination of the multitude of objects that are being launched and inserted into orbits around our planet. It’s a good problem to have, illustrating the continuing breadth and depth of human engagement in space. But it is a problem we have to address NOW. Debates are ongoing about roles, responsibilities, technical solutions, and governance models; however, what does success look like? After we have progressed through the “storming and norming” phase of any new activity what is the steady-state vision for managing a crowded, vibrant orbital ecosystem?

  • Keynote Moderator: Lauren Smith, Operations Manager, Ground Enterprise Systems Operating Unit, Space Systems Sector, Northrop Grumman
    • Andrew Rush, President & COO, Redwire
    • Joe Landon, Vice President, Advanced Programs Development, Lockheed Martin
    • Ron Lopez, President & Managing Director, Astroscale U.S.
    • Gen. David D. Thompson, Vice Chief, Space Operations, U.S. Space Force

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Redwire continues to lead the way in pioneering innovative in-space manufacturing and servicing technologies that deliver incomparable benefits and cost savings across a wide range of applications.

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Heritage + Innovation

Contact Redwire today and discover how we can help make your mission a success.

Redwire continues to lead the way in pioneering innovative in-space manufacturing and servicing technologies that deliver incomparable benefits and cost savings across a wide range of applications.

Website + Salesforce
Website links or URLs of any kind are not permitted.