Redwire Opens New Luxembourg Facility to Develop Space Robotics Systems and Advanced Capabilities

This month, Redwire welcomed dignitaries and guests to a special ribbon-cutting event to commemorate the opening of its new space robotics facility in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. The new facility, one of 10 Redwire locations across the U.S. and Europe, designs and develops robotic arms for orbital, free-flying and lunar missions.

Redwire moved its Luxembourg operations to this new, expanded location to continue to mature and scale production and development of its robotics technology. This facility, which boasts a certified ISO7 clean room, integration facilities, electronics and rendezvous and capture labs, and a mechanical workshop, will enable Redwire to manufacture, assemble, and integrate multiple flight models of its robotic arms. 

Redwire Chairman and CEO Peter Cannito, Luxembourg Minister of Economy Franz Fayot, and General Manager of Redwire Space Europe Jaroslaw Jaworski observe a robotic arm.

On May 19, Redwire hosted the ribbon-cutting for the new facility, which included a tour of the laboratories, technology displays and remarks from featured speakers, including Luxembourg’s Minister of Economy Franz Fayot, U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg Thomas Barrett and Redwire Chairman and CEO Peter Cannito.   

Redwire Chairman and CEO Peter Cannito, Luxembourg Minister of Economy Franz Fayot, and General Manager of Redwire Space Europe Jaroslaw Jaworski.

“This new, state-of-the-art facility will prime Redwire for expanded growth in space robotics technology,” said Peter Cannito, Redwire’s Chairman and CEO, during his remarks.  Our work in Luxembourg will be a critical mission enabler for our customers, while also stimulating job growth and supporting Luxembourg’s space ecosystem. 

Luxembourg’s Minister of Economy Franz
Fayot spoke about the growing Luxembourg space economy and how companies like Redwire are contributing to that growth. “Redwire has been able to establish a space robotics business here and scale it from one employee to 30 employees over three years and take a concept and deliver flight-ready hardware that will soon launch to space,” said Minister Franz Fayot. “The company’s continued partnerships with LSA and the Luxembourg University will ensure that it has the resources, talent, and business infrastructure to continue scaling its business here in Luxembourg, creating jobs and a positive impact on our national economy.”

“I would say right now that when
Redwire wins, Luxembourg wins,” said General Manager of Redwire Space Europe Jaroslaw Jaworski. “We are participating in so many missions right now and looking around at space trends around the world currently…making bridges between the US and other countries, like Luxembourg, is crucial.”

Following the remarks, guests were invited to tour the new facility.
Redwire team leaders were on hand at each lab to explain the purpose and technologies developed in each, including the electronics lab, the clean room, where parts of the actual robotic arm were being assembled, and the mechanical lab. The software department showcased a simulation of the manipulator behavior and interaction with its environment. A model of the Additive Manufacturing Facility was on display, along with the 
Argus Vision System.

Lead Electronics Engineer Serket Guzman shows a demonstration of innovative technology to Redwire Chairman and CEO Peter Cannito, Luxembourg Minister of Economy Franz Fayot and General Manager of Redwire Space Europe Jaroslaw Jaworski during a tour of the new facility.

Redwire’s Luxembourg location manufactures space robotics technology, including the The Staark® LEO-S10 space-qualified robotic arm, which supports space missions in LEO and MEO orbits as a low cost and low lead time robotic manipulation technology. Redwire is currently providing robotics technology for various missions, to support and enable activities such as satellite life extension, in-space assembly and manufacturing, debris removal, payload management and lunar surface operations. Redwire is developing a new, upgraded version of the arm to operate on the lunar surface to support both unmanned and future manned moon missions.

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