Oakman Aerospace Inc., OEI Opto AG, and BridgeSat, Inc. Announce Collaboration for “Total Optical Communications Package”

Denver, Zurich, and Boston (Aug 17, 2016) — Today, Oakman Aerospace, Inc., OEI Opto AG, and BridgeSat, Inc., announced a collaboration to work towards developing optical communication systems capabilities, utilizing the OEI OPTEL-μ® miniature laser terminal, BridgeSat’s developing global optical communications ground network, and the Oakman Aerospace mission analysis and modeling capabilities.

Under this collaboration, Oakman Aerospace, OEI, and BridgeSat plan to work towards offering a total optical communications package that reliably provides secure and effective data delivery for satellite operators at a higher rate than typical RF systems.

Oakman Aerospace is a pioneer of rapid and responsive space technologies, and has developed mission analysis and integrated atmospheric modeling and simulations that are well suited for the complexities of optical communications mission planning.

OEI is a supplier of opto-electronic products for the space industry in Europe, and is developing a high performance, micro sized optical terminal for small/micro-satellites, known as the OPTEL-μ® miniature laser terminal.

BridgeSat is developing and deploying an expansive optical communications ground network that will be compatible with the OEI OPTEL-μ® laser terminal, and will be able to utilize the analysis performed by Oakman Aerospace.

“We are pleased to be able to provide satellite operators our high-performance laser terminals, which offer higher data rates than other RF communications solution. This partnership with BridgeSat and Oakman Aerospace ensures that the operators’ valuable data can be downlinked reliably,” said Elisabetta Rugi, General Manager of OEI.

“Our collaboration will ensure optical communication mission success for satellite operators, who can benefit from the high fidelity analysis that will be performed by Oakman Aerospace, and validated together with OEI and BridgeSat,” said Stanley Kennedy Jr., President and Chief Systems Engineer of Oakman Aerospace.

“This collaboration will leverage each party’s expertise and technologies to enable us to effectively and efficiently support satellite operators in their efforts to handle the accelerating demand and quantity of data being transmitted from LEO satellites,” said John Serafini, co-General Manager of BridgeSat. “Overcoming the issues of traditional radio-frequency downlink of data has the potential to solve a problem that has long plagued hardware and satellite manufacturers.”

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