CASIS Update for STEM Pilot Program

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3-D printed International Space Station experiment hardware. OAI is actively assisting a local high school engineering class in their national design challenge CASIS. Through CASIS, engineering students from Chatfield High School are designing a biological scientific experiment which will be flown on the International Space Station. The experiment is designed to foster algae growth and measure its effects and production in the Space environment. OAI is helping the students with the design and manufacture of the experiment structure in order for it to fit inside a CubeSat envelope. Using the CAD program SolidWorks, the students have designed the containers to foster the algae, as well as a turning mechanism to ensure uniform lighting capabilities. OAI is currently helping the class with the design constraints and making the structure ready for the harsh reality of launch forces and space environment. A first cut at the experiment structure was printed by OAI using a Fortus 250mc 3D printer supplied by OAI partner, PADT. With the physical parts, the students can visualize the experiment and make adjustments as needed before the final design review next year. OAI will be an active support for Chatfield High School throughout this design challenge.  

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