Building Momentum for a Bold Future: A Message from Made In Space President Tom Campbell

With yesterday’s announcement, I’m pleased to share my enthusiasm about joining the Redwire team as the new president of Made In Space. In this role I am honored to represent this innovative team and their long list of “in-space firsts,” and I see an incredible opportunity to leverage this bold and enterprising spirit toward creating new value for our partners with even more ambitious space infrastructure projects.  

This is a metamorphic period across the aerospace industry as new technological innovations hold the promise to transform the future of space. I firmly believe that Made In Space, one of the most prolific space technology innovators, is poised to deliver new capabilities that will fundamentally change how we utilize the space environment to build bigger space structures, catalyze a thriving low Earth orbit economy, and ensure that the next era in human spaceflight is truly sustainable. These capabilities, together with the breadth of Redwire’s technology portfolio and flight heritage, will bridge the gap between innovation and implementation of robust space infrastructure.

With more than 20 years of experience growing L3Harris’ space antenna business, I have a unique perspective for aligning innovative capabilities with strategic growth opportunities. The world-class technology that Made In Space continues to develop onboard the International Space Station and through the Archinaut One program has led to many pioneering moments in space manufacturing. With the resources and structure provided by Redwire’s innovation ecosystem, we now have a chance to translate these iconic milestones into the cornerstone of a new epoch in space exploration.

Executing bold ideas also requires collective focus and commitment. As we look to push our momentum and lean forward on the progress we have made, I am ready to listen, learn, and share new ideas to ensure that we continue to deliver for our customers, grow our business, and scale our capabilities to meet the industry’s increasing needs. I am energized by the prospect of this exciting future and look forward to working alongside our technical teams, customers, and stakeholders to deliver on the promise of our vision.

The future has never been brighter for Made In Space, and this new era will be characterized by unprecedented innovation and growth that will lead to a proliferation of in-space manufacturing solutions and space infrastructure advancements across the industry. I look forward to all that we will accomplish together as we extend our legacy to deliver next-generation capabilities that will enable humanity to sustainably live and work in space.


Tom Campbell
President, Made In Space

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