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Mission Overview

SpaceX’s 24th cargo resupply services (CRS) mission for NASA to the International Space Station (ISS) includes four Redwire payloads focused on advanced materials manufacturing and plant science experiments in low-Earth orbit. 

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Redwire Technology

Turbine Superalloy Casting Module (TSCM)

The Turbine Superalloy Casting Module is a commercial in-space manufacturing device designed to provide proof-of-principle for polycrystalline superalloy part manufacturing in microgravity for terrestrial use.

Multi-Use Variable Gravity Platform (MVP)

MVP-PLANT-01 is an investigation that will use Redwire’s Multi-Use Variable-Gravity Platform to profile and monitor shoot and root development of plants in microgravity to understand the regulatory mechanisms involved in plant responses to a novel environment. .

Passive Orbital Nutrient Delivery System (PONDS)

Veggie PONDS-03R is a technology demonstration that explores how plants respond to microgravity and demonstrates technology for reliable vegetable production on orbit. This flight will also validate the Passive Orbital Nutrient Delivery System hardware.

Advanced Plant Habitat (APH)

Redwire is working with researchers from Clemson University to support the Unlocking the Cotton Genome to Precision Genetics (Plant Habitat-05) investigation, which will utilize the Advanced Plant Habitat, an automated plant growth facility managed by Redwire.

Mission Milestones

December 21, 2021

SpaceX CRS-24 Launch

SpaceX CRS-24 mission lifted off on Tuesday, December 21 at 5:07 a.m. EST from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

SpaceX CRS-24 Highlights @RedwireSpace

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