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Redwire’s Greenville, Indiana facility is located approximately ten miles north of Louisville, Kentucky.

This vertically-integrated facility includes everything the company’s engineers, scientists and technicians need to design, fabricate, assemble, test, verify and operate complex and effective spaceflight research and manufacturing payloads and spacecraft control systems.

The building’s lowest-level floor houses an electronics shop and laboratories that include the equipment needed to fabricate, assemble, and test its custom-designed solutions. This level also includes cell science equipment and a biomedical research environment for BSL2-level investigations. It also includes bonded, disaster-proof storage areas for ensuring the appropriate security of both raw materials and finished goods, including spaceflight rated payloads and components. A separate wet laboratory is equipped for chemical and biochemical research. The ground floor and second floor provide more assembly and test areas, a machine shop, a payload operations control center, and the offices, conference rooms and technical library needed to accommodate the requirements of the company’s engineering and administrative staff.


7200 Highway 150
Greenville, IN 47124


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