STAARK Robotic Arm


STAARK is an affordable, modular, and easily customized robotic system designed for various on-orbit robotics applications.

A manipulator made with highly modular joints and links allows easy customization of dexterity and length to address mission requirements and spacecraft stowage volume constraints.

The manipulator’s standardized tool flange allows accommodation of various end-effectors produced by third parties or the use of Redwire-made grippers.
A vision sensors suite with visual servoing system allows recognition and tracking of objects based either on fiducials or infrared signature of the object and provides grasping knowledge for capturing and berthing operations.

The manipulator’s high accuracy provides a level of repeatability required to perform in-space assembly operations.
STAARK’s flight software enables operating system via different modes of autonomy: teleoperation (L1), assisted operation (L2), or supervised autonomy (L3).

Planning tools allow users to check and avoid path collisions and achieve optimal planning to perform a given task.
STAARK’s flight stack runs on the Redwire-developed Robot Control Unit, but can also be uploaded to a spacecraft’s on-board computer.

A kinematically similar terrestrial version of STAARK allows for testing of robotics operations without additional gravity offloading.

STAARK uses both carefully screened consumer off-the-shelf (COTS) components and military-grade components to provide an optimal balance between performance and cost.

Redwire constantly upgrades the STAARK robotic arm family to address broader and more complex robotics operations.


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