Space Stimulator System (Sun Sensors)


Redwire Space Stimulator System uses infrared LEDs to illuminate the cells of each sun sensor.

The Sun Sensor Stimulator System provides a practical means to obtain optical stimulus for the ground checkout of sun sensor hardware. Using the Sun Sensor Stimulator System, your organization can:

  • Verify sun sensor functionality, including sun angles, sun presence, and spin pulse (if applicable)
  • Provide Sensor Aliveness testing over temperatures in a vacuum
  • Verify flight harnesses

Control Panels contain the necessary circuitry to properly drive an array of Stimulators. The panels contain front panel controls and/or computer inputs, as indicated by the customer. Control panels are powered from 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz.

The stimulators are fully compatible with vacuum chambers, and can be used over an approximate temperature range of -30° to +60° C.

Adcole Space recommends using an Adcole Control Panel with each group of Stimulators. Alternately, the stimulators can be operated using customer-built driver circuits. Adcole will assist customers in specifying the appropriate drive signals for any purchased stimulator hardware.


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