Deployable Radiator: Q-Rad


Redwire Space’s Q-Rad is a high-performance deployable radiator assembly that provides additional heat rejection and can also serve as a dedicated cold-sink. Leveraging ultra-high thermal conductivity solid-state materials, Q-Rad is a compact, lightweight, modular, and passive thermal control solution for a wide range of demanding needs for spacelight applications.

Key features of the Q-Rad deployable radiator include:

  • Deployment angles can be tailored to meet customer needs.
  • The Q-Rad mounting panel, bolt pattern, and radiator size can be increased or decreased to fit specific heat rejection or thermal biasing requirements.
  • The flexible hinge can be designed to either stow inside or along the outside of the hinge in the stowed configuration.
  • Deployable hinge mechanism may be sold separately.
  • Burn-wire hold and release mechanism may be sold separately.
  • Hinge thermally isolated from radiator assembly

Q-Rad can be used across various applications for different mission types, including:

  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions
  • Deep Space missions
  • Planetary missions

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