High-Power Rigid Array Solution for SmallSats (HiPASS)


The Redwire Space HiPASS solar array is a high power rigid solar array solution for smallsat applications.

The HiPASS solution powers missions with a tailored solar array system that supports ESPA class electric propulsion missions.

The HiPASS solar array uses metallic tape spring hinges to fabricate a robust solution that is extremely forgiving to system level tolerance stack-up risks. The SADA-compatible HiPASS is engineered with low-cost graphite panels that are designed to minimize manufacturing risk and complexity.

The HiPASS Rigid Solar Array is a mature technology: 10 flight HiPASS wings (for use on multiple U.S. Government missions) are planned for delivery in 2022.

  • SmallSats
  • Solar array constellations
  • ESPA-class electric propulsion missions
  • Solar Array Drive Assembly (SADA) applications

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