Engineering Models & Control Panels

Engineering Models

Engineering Models benefit your organization by providing a cost-effective, rapidly produced solution that meets performance requirements.

Adcole Space offers Engineering Models (EMs) of any flight hardware – including Sensor Heads and Electronics. EMs are typically equivalent to flight hardware in form, fit, and function, but are built using non-flight components. Thus, we can create a fully functional and accurate model at a fraction of the cost of actual flight hardware.

EMs are typically used early in the build to:

  • Verify power and data interfaces
  • Mechanical interference checks
  • Other subsystem integration activities
Control Panels

Control Panels contain the necessary circuitry to properly drive an array of Stimulators. The panels contain front panel controls and / or computer inputs, as indicated by the customer. Control panels are powered from 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz and have an effective temperature range of -30° to +60° C.

Adcole Space recommends using an Adcole Control Panel with each group of Stimulators. Alternately, the stimulators can be operated using customer-built driver circuits. Adcole will assist customers in specifying the appropriate drive signals for any purchased stimulator hardware.


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