Deorbit Devices


Redwire is stepping in with practical and affordable solutions to the complex space debris problem and the potentially disastrous outcomes it presents.

In 2018, we introduced a deployable atmospheric drag deorbit device called ROC™ FALL to the marketplace, facilitating the reliable and predictable passive deorbit of spacecraft at End of Life.

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS), developing an ESPA-class small satellite called the Orbital Test Bed (OTB), came to Roccor seeking a new strategy to ensure deorbit, passively, within 25 years of end of life. Under challenging physical and programmatic constraints, Roccor was able to develop a simple roll-out drag sail design to meet the requirements.

From a fresh sheet of paper, using flight-proven technologies, Roccor’s solution was qualified and ready for flight in six months (ahead of schedule). Roccor’s ROC™ FALL drag sail device received FCC approval for end-of-life management for the OTB satellite mission and launched on the SpaceX STP2 Falcon Heavy in June of 2019.


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