Ceramics Manufacturing Module (CMM)

Redwire’s Ceramics Manufacturing Module (CMM) uses a technique called additive stereolithography (SLA) to cure ceramic resin into solid ceramic parts. The process uses a light source to cure resin in very thin layers. Each new layer adheres to the previous one, stacking up to form a complete ceramic part. Ceramics manufacturing offers a unique capability to our in-space partners, one that can produce hardware with high thermal resistance. Furthermore, it also offers capability to our commercial partners here on Earth.

Build Volume:

  • CMM makes use of a circular build platform with a diameter of 80 millimeters (3.15 inches). This equates to a cross-sectional build area of 5000 square millimeters (7.8 square inches)
  • Vertically, the build platform can translate 30
    millimeters (1.2 inches) allowing CMM to print
    parts of that height or shorter
  • CMM total build volume is 150,000 cubic
    millimeters (9.2 cubic inches)
  • The build chamber carries 206 milliliters of
    ceramic resin for printing

Power Level:

  • CMM draws approximately 75-80 watts of power during printing operations

Resin Capabilities:

  • CMM can print using several different resins
  • Tethon 3D’s Porcelite® can be SLA printed at 25 micron layer thickness
  • After firing Tethon 3D’s Porcelite® parts in a kiln, they can withstand temperatures greater than 1000 degrees Celsius (1800 degrees Fahrenheit)

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