BowSAW Deployable Solar Array Wing


The Redwire BowSAW Deployable Solar Array Wing is an industry-leading space power generation solution for Small Satellites. The BowSAW is a high-performance, reliable, scalable, versatile solution for deriving electricity from sunlight, offering a plentiful power source for running the high power payloads, sensors, active heating, cooling, telemetry, and spacecraft propulsion applications your mission requires.

The BowSAW Deployable Solar Array Wing provides these benefits:

  • High-Performance: Utilizes a lightweight, low volume, stiff, and low-cost deployable backing structure
  • Reliable: Passively driven, partially retractable and sequenced deployment reduces risk
  • Scalable: Performance is maintained through a wide variety of wing sizes ranging from 150 W to 6,000 W
  • Versatile: Multiple types of solar cells can be deployed, enabling optimization for reliability, mass or cost

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