Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF)


The Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) is the first permanent commercial manufacturing platform to operate in low Earth orbit. AMF is our flagship technology onboard the ISS and its versatility and durability have made it a reliable resource for government and commercial customers since its activation in 2016. It has produced over 200 tools, assets, and parts in orbit. AMF’s legacy has been the foundation for our technology roadmap and manufacturing programs as Redwire develops new capabilities that will leverage additive manufacturing in space for unprecedented applications.


As we move beyond low Earth orbit, on-demand local manufacturing technology will become a mainstay for mission planning to address critical needs. Redwire, in partnership with NASA, has demonstrated the efficacy of additive manufacturing to support exploration needs on the International Space Station (ISS). AMF is designed as a modular device that is easily upgraded to increase functionality, and is compatible with over 30 polymers, including space-rated, high-performance thermoplastics. This technology enables the rapid iteration and deployment of in-space needs for long-duration missions.

To further increase the reliability of long-duration missions, on-demand manufacturing capabilities also make human spaceflight missions safer, providing additional flexibility in responding to situations that threaten a mission. Having these capabilities makes the mission more resilient by allowing contingency planners to design tools to be manufactured on-site, on-demand. Long term, these capabilities are crucial to enabling sustainable human presence in space that is not reliant on resupply from Earth.

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