Redwire’s patented Aladdin solar array technology is an elastically deployable panel substrate assembly that comprises the entire solar array system, inclusive of both the deployable structural subsystem, offset structure portion, and the photovoltaic electrical panel subsystem.

Aladdin elastically folds-up in the stowed configuration occupying a flat-planar launch package, and then elastically deploys from its own strain/spring energy to its deployed configuration. When fully deployed Aladdin conforms to an integrated flat planar surface (onto which the PV is mounted) with deep-sectioned cylindrical-shaped out-of-plane longitudinal edges that provide high stiffness and strength.

Aladdin employs high modularity and design simplicity (minimal parts) allowing for ultra-affordability, lightweight, and deployment reliability for SmallSat solar arrays. The Aladdin technology can also be stowed in a rolled-configuration or wrapped around the spacecraft.


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