Techshot hires director of defense business development

Techshot Inc. has hired Frank Stewart, former captain of the nuclear-powered submarine USS Louisville, to serve as the company’s director of business development for the defense industry.

A native of Plattsburgh, N.Y., Stewart retired from the United States Navy in 1998 following a 27 year career. Besides helming three submarines, he also served at the Pentagon under the deputy chief of naval operations for submarine warfare, where he worked extensively with defense contractors.

“I have an appreciation for what it is that can best position Techshot with our military customers,” said Stewart. “I know how to make their job easier.”

“Frank is an accomplished leader, and I’m delighted that he’s joined us,” said Techshot President and CEO Mark Deuser. “With his help, we can be more effective at earning contracts to develop new technologies for tomorrow’s warfighter.”

For more than 40 years, Stewart has served discriminating customers wearing uniforms of all stripes, including pin stripes. Before joining Techshot, Stewart was the general manager of wood bat production at the Hillerich and Bradsby Company’s Louisville Slugger division, where he was responsible for the production of bats used by players on every Major League Baseball team.

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