Redwire Kicks Off Space Symposium

Redwire’s exhibit opened tonight at the 36th Space Symposium in the Lockheed Martin Main Exhibit Hall in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For the first time in person, Redwire is showcasing its cutting-edge capabilities that are transforming the future of space infrastructure, delivering for our customers’ most important missions, and accelerating humanity’s expansion into space. 

Meeting with Senator Administrator Bill Nelson
Redwire’s Chairman and CEO Peter Cannito and President and COO Andrew Rush met with Senator Administrator Bill Nelson of NASA on the first day of Space Symposium. Nelson reiterated NASA’s support for a robust low-Earth orbit (LEO) economy that will make space more accessible and spur innovation. As a leading developer of in-space manufacturing technology, Redwire is uniquely positioned to help NASA achieve this objective.
Redwire will be a critical player in commercial LEO activities and looks forward to working with Senator Administrator Nelson to achieve NASA’s goals in commercialization, exploration, and science. 

Space Generation Fusion Forum
Over the weekend, Redwire’s Chief Growth Officer and Executive Vice President of Space InfrastructureAl Tadros, and Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Nathan O’Konek, participated in the Space Generation Fusion Forum (SGFF), a two-day conference dedicated to professional development, networking, and learning for students and young professionals who are passionate about space. Redwire participated in a networking dinner with delegates, sponsored coffee breaks, and multiple breakout sessions. Starting out the weekend with SGFF was inspirational for the Redwire team and set a great tone for Space Symposium this week. 

Upcoming Events
Starting tomorrow, Redwire is hosting daily in-booth talks that will include guest appearances from top industry thought leaders and several Redwire mission partners to discuss a range of key topics including commercial lunar exploration, space commercialization, and digital engineering. The talks will also be live-streamed across Redwire’s social media channels. The daily talk schedule will be shared on Redwire’s social channels.
Redwire President & COO Andrew Rush will host a tech talk tomorrow, The Future of Space, with former NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. See the full schedule for tomorrow below:  

10:30-11:00 a.m. MT
Tech Talk: The Future of Space 
Featuring: Former NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and Redwire President & COO Andrew Rush
Location: Redwire Booth #1375   

11:30am-12:00 p.m. MT
Tech Talk: iROSA: Next-Generation Power for Human Spaceflight
Featuring: Redwire President & COO Andrew Rush, Boeing VP and ISS program manager John Mulholland, and Spectrolab President Tony Mueller
Location: Redwire Booth #1375   

4:00-4:30 p.m. MT
Tech Talk: Addressing National Security with Digital Engineering
Featuring: Maureen O’Brien, Senior Vice President, Redwire Digital Engineering Solutions, Dean Bellamy, Executive Vice President-National Security Space, Redwire, and Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr., Chief Architect, Redwire 
Location: Redwire Booth #1375 

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