Redwire Highlights In-Space Manufacturing, Plant Science, and Bioprinting Capabilities at ISSRDC

Redwire recently attended the 11th annual International Space Station Research and Development Conference (ISSRDC), which was held July 25-28, in Washington, D.C. As one of the event’s sponsors, Redwire joined other companies and space industry leaders to explore the ways in which they can utilize the International Space Station (ISS) to maximize research and development goals.  

During the four-day event, Redwire showcased its range of in-space manufacturing, bioprinting, and plant science capabilities. Redwire also highlighted its proven capabilities and solutions currently on the ISS and how these will transition to outfit future commercial space stations, such as Orbital Reef, a commercially owned and operated space station in low-Earth orbit developed by Blue Origin and Sierra Space.  


During the 11th annual ISSRDC, the Redwire team highlighted the work it is doing on ISS, including its in-space manufacturing, bioprinting, and plant science capabilities

On Tuesday, July 26, Redwire’s Executive Vice President of Civil Space and External Affairs Mike Gold participated in the Space Policy Outlook panel, which explored how current U.S. space policy will influence the next decade of space-based research, the role of public-private partnerships, and the development of a thriving low-Earth orbit economy.  

During ISSRDC, Redwire’s EVP of Civil Space and External Affairs Mike Gold (left) participated in the Space Policy Outlook panel

On July 27, Mike Gold introduced the NASA leadership keynote speakers, Robert Cabana, Associate NASA Administrator and Katy Lueders, Associate Administrator for the Space Operations Mission Directorate.  

John Vellinger, Redwire’s Executive Vice President of In-Space Manufacturing and Operations, participated in the Leveraging the LEO Environment for In-Space Production Applications panel. The panel explored how companies like Redwire are leading the way in developing a robust and sustainable market in LEO by leveraging the unique space environment to manufacture products that have a direct impact to life on Earth. During the discussion, John highlighted Redwire’s recent sale of space-optimized optical crystal, which marks the first time space-enabled materials have been sold on Earth.  

During ISSRDC, Redwire EVP of In-Space Manufacturing and Operations, John Vellinger (right), sat on the Leveraging the LEO Environment for In-Space Production Applications panel.

During the conference, Redwire also announced the development of the Pharmaceutical In-space Laboratory – Bio-crystal Optimization Xperiment (PIL-BOX), new in-space manufacturing technology that will provide commercial customers and researchers an innovative platform in microgravity that could improve the development of pharmaceuticals and other products. Eli Lilly and Company will be partnering with Redwire to conduct critical testing during the initial flight missions for PIL-BOX. 

Throughout the week, Redwire experts also presented their exciting work in in-space production applications, physical sciences, and materials development during technical sessions. 

Redwire thanks the team that attended this year’s ISSRDC and the industry colleagues and partners at ISS National Lab and fellow panelists. In case you missed it, check out the two panel discussions below:  


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