Redwire’s Digital Engineering Capability Successfully Demonstrates Simulated Hybrid Space Architecture to Support Joint All-Domain Operations

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (July 22, 2021) Redwire, a new leader in mission critical space solutions and digital engineering solutions for the next generation space economy, announced today a successful demonstration resulting from an Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)/AFWERX contract awarded October 6, 2020 for the company’s Hybrid Architecture Laboratory Operational Environment (HALOE). HALOE allows users to simulate hybrid space architectures for advanced mission planning in support of complete Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO).

The demonstration exhibited HALOE’s potential to enhance U.S. national defense by facilitating rapid and configurable digitally engineered space mission design through trades and analyses of various missions for National Security Space.

“The successful demonstration of HALOE’s ability to ingest and harmonize current and soon-to-be-deployed assets across multiple domains into a single digital environment is an important milestone in achieving JADO,” said Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr., Chief Architect of Redwire. “Realizing the end vision of HALOE will enable key decision makers to evaluate current and future capabilities for integration into existing architectures or envisioned architectures of the future. This first of a kind digital engineering capability for space has the potential to increase the speed and reduce the cost of future architecture deployments.”

HALOE’s cloud-based architecture empowers geographically disparate teams to collaborate remotely within virtual digital engineering environments, allowing the configuration of multiple satellite constellations, ground stations, and disparate assets within a single simulation. The simulation is time synchronized and supports user-defined time steps to ensure all assets remain in lockstep for evaluation against mission objectives and defined measures of merit. This will ultimately improve the fidelity of simulations while reducing development costs.

HALOE is built upon the Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) framework of Redwire’s ACORN Digital Engineering software suite. ACORN provides a scalable, expandable, rapidly reconfigurable and closed-loop end-to-end space system digital engineering environment that implements open and standardized interfaces for segments, subsystems, and components. HALOE uses the same multidisciplinary design optimization capabilities of ACORN that enable rapid reconfiguration of space systems through agnostic interfaces to allow the integration of disparate systems within the simulation environment.

“MOSA-based digital engineering technologies like ACORN and HALOE are the key to enabling future JADO. At Redwire, we are at the forefront of digital engineering for JADO, and HALOE is one of the first major stepping stones towards implementing future National Security Space architecture,” said Maureen O’Brien, Senior Vice President, Redwire Mission Solutions.


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