Redwire Connects with Industry Leaders at WSBW, SGC, and IAC

The Redwire team recently attended World Satellite Business Week (WSBW), Space Generation Congress (SGC) and International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Paris, where they connected with industry colleagues, shared space industry insights and announced new international collaborations. During the two weeks of events, the team explored the growing space economy and showcased next-generation space infrastructure, including robotics, critical components, and in-space manufacturing technology.

Connecting with Industry Leaders at World Satellite Business Week  

As one of the event’s sponsors, Redwire was excited to attend WSBW, the leading global business space event.  

On Monday, September 12, Redwire Chairman and CEO Peter Cannito participated on the “Space Business Investment Outlook: Navigating Geopolitical Trends” panel, where he discussed the current state of the space industry. Other panelists included: Vaibhav Lohiya, Managing Director, Global Head of Space Technology, Deutsche Bank Securities; Michael Palmer, Managing Director, Supply Chain & Strategic Opportunities, Cerberus Capital Management; and Robert Wallin, Managing Director, Telecom & Tech Industry Group, Natixis CIB.  

Check out more key takeaways from the panel. 

Redwire’s Chairman and CEO Pete Cannito spoke on WSBW’s “Space Business Investment Outlook: Navigating Geopolitical Trends” panel.

Also during WSBW, Redwire signed a teaming agreement with Sodern to develop the Eagle Eye star tracker, which  will leverage the flight heritage and design of Sodern’s Hydra star trackers. Through the agreement,  Redwire will now manufacture Eagle Eye at its production facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and sell within the U.S. market. 

During WSBW, Cannito and Redwire’s Chief Technology Officer Al Tadros also participated on Payload’s Pathfinder podcast. They covered a range of topics, from Redwire’s M&A strategy and international expansion and markets, to the role of robotics and autonomous software on-orbit.  

Tadros took part in a mentoring session hosted by International Launch Services and Euroconsult. He shared his experience working his way through the ranks to become CTO with a group of Space Generation Advisory Council scholarship award winners. 

Inspiring the Next Generation at the 20th Space Generation Congress  

While in Paris, the Redwire team attended the 20th Space Generation Congress (SGC), the Space Generation Advisory Council’s annual meeting in support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications. SGC brought together top university students and young professionals from around the world to engage with their peers and leaders in the space industry. Tadros was on a space sustainability panel where he emphasized the importance of finding ways to incentivize sustainable activities in low-Earth orbit.  

Redwire’s Chief Technology Officer, Al Tadros, speaks on a sustainability panel at the 20th SGC.

Showcasing Next-Generation Space Infrastructure at IAC 

Following WSBW, the Redwire team attended the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC), the world’s premier global space event.  The event, which attracts more than 6,000 participants each year, offers everyone the latest space information and developments in academia and industry, networking opportunities, contacts and potential partnerships. Redwire was proud to share a booth with the Luxembourg Space Agency, where it showcased its critical components, robotics capabilities, and in-space manufacturing technology. 

At IAC, Redwire shared a booth with the Luxembourg Space Agency and showcased Redwire’s robotic arm technology, which is developed out of the company’s Luxembourg location.

At IAC, Redwire signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Bradford Space and the Swedish Space Corporation to develop a commercial orbital debris removal service.  Through the collaboration, Redwire will expand the development team and add extensive space robotics and guidance, navigation and control experience to enhance the commercial offering. Alongside Bradford Space and the Swedish Space Corporation, Redwire is proud to be addressing the growing issue of orbital debris and making strides toward a more sustainable low-Earth orbit.  

On September 20, Redwire signed a MOU with Bradford Space and the Swedish Space Corporation to develop a commercial orbital debris removal service.

The Redwire team is proud to have joined leaders from around the world during the events of the past two weeks to explore the latest developments and innovations facing the industry.

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