New mechanical engineering technicians hired

Say hello to Dustin Kost and Krystal Milliner, Techshot’s new mechanical engineering technicians.

Kost is working on a team that is developing a system for recycling packaging materials found aboard the International Space Station into new feedstock for space based 3D printers; and another working on an improved stretcher for carrying wounded soldiers.

Kost recently graduated from the Purdue University College of Technology, where he earned a bachelor of science degree (with distinction) in mechanical engineering technology.

When not developing new technologies and products at Techshot, Kost enjoys spending time at his grandfather’s farm riding horses and ATVs.

Milliner also is working on Techshot teams designing and building equipment for the International Space Station. Her projects include modules that will accommodate research with fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster); a large-diameter centrifuge habitat for rats and mice; a device that rapidly freezes research samples; and a housing for the company’s 3D Tissue Printer.

This spring Milliner graduated from the Purdue University College of Technology, where she earned a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering technology.

She enjoys tackling home improvement projects with her husband Stephen, and as the mother of four very active boys, spending time attending their sporting events.

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