Innovation News: Interview with Doug Campbell, Solid Power and Roccor CEO

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Doug Campbell:

“Roccor is a space and military products company. The company began as a provider of high performance and low-cost deployable structure systems for commercial and military satellites. More specifically, a satellite can be thought of simply as a main bus structure that contains the satellite’s payload and numerous other appendages that are necessary to achieve the payload’s mission such as communication, power generation, shielding, etc. Many of these appendages must be packaged or, collapsed, about the satellite bus structure in order to fit within the launch volume (i.e., within the launch vehicle fairing). Once in orbit, they deploy to their intended shape in order to perform their function, hence the term deployable structure. Roccor specializes in low-cost deployable structures including stand-alone booms, hinges, solar arrays, antennas among several others. Our competitive advantage lies in our technology focus; the use of “High Strain Composite” (HSC) materials that allows for comparable performance vs. legacy mechanically-based systems at substantially lower cost due to greatly reduced part-count, lower cost part manufacturing and ease of assembly.”

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