Completion of Test Facility Modifications

In late February 2013 Oakman Aerospace, Inc. completed their major facilities improvement and modification efforts at the OAI headquarters building located at 8392 S. Continental Divide Road, Suite 108, Littleton, Colorado 80127.  The headquarters consists of over 4,700 square feet of secured engineering space and 1000 square feet of engineering lab space designated as the Commercial Test Facility (CTF), several test areas, and two modular test stations.  OAI has the capability and capacity to simultaneously design, assemble, integrate, and test programs or perform multiple technology development efforts.  Receiving and Inspection areas, as well as, Bonded Storage areas for mission critical hardware allow OAI to provide end-to-end Systems Engineering design and development experience to our domestic and international customers and teammates.
The CTF is equipped with regularly calibrated measuring and test equipment.  Lab station 1 has four independent workstations equipped with modern assembly equipment and tools; Lab station 2 contains six workstations similarly equipped. The facility will also be in full compliance with all OSHA and State safety requirements.  The OAI CTF lab space will have the ability to host flight components using clean room level laminar flow benches and portable cleanroom tents with individual temperature and humidity controls. The cleanliness levels of all cleanroom areas will be monitored daily via Particle Count Measurement and recorded

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