Celebrating Diversity, Inclusion, and the Power of Allyship for Pride Month

June is Pride Month, and Redwire is proud to support the LGBTQ+ community alongside aerospace industry partners around the world. This month, Redwire celebrated the diverse voices and cultural backgrounds that represent our employees. June is an important opportunity to celebrate the achievements and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community as well as recognize the importance of equity, visibility, and agency for all individuals within our society.  

Redwire has multiple programs embracing diversity & inclusion, both at local branches and through an Inclusion Committee that is open to employees across the company. The Redwire Inclusion Committee strives to embody the promotion of diversity, the advocacy of equity and the practice of inclusion as an influencing body across the company and lead change as it pertains to those areas, with direct appeal and access to the Redwire leadership team. 

In recognition of Pride Month, Redwire’s Inclusion Committee member and Executive Vice President of Civil Space and External Affairs Mike Gold, shared his insight on being a good ally in the workplace. Mike recorded a video to introduce various Inclusion Committee member perspectives on how to be a good ally, as part of a partnership with the Inclusion Committee for Pride Month. 


To support the core value of inclusion and its commitment to creating an environment where we can all do our best work, Redwire also hosted a diversity and inclusion training focused on respecting gender and sexual differences for employees this month.

Redwire employees also showed their pride by volunteering or participating in various Pride Month events across the country. This includes Redwire’s Luxembourg team, who plans to participate in events for their Pride Month taking place this July.

Justin Kugler, General Manager of In-Space Manufacturing & Operations in Jacksonville, attended the Acosta Bridge Pride March in Downtown Jacksonville. This year, the bridge was lit with rainbow colors for the first time in recognition of Pride. The Acosta Bridge Pride March celebrated this win for the LGBTQ+ community in Jacksonville and the bridge’s symbolic representation of this diverse community.

General Manager of Redwire In-Space Manufacturing & Operations in Jacksonville Justin Kugler participates in the Acosta Bridge Pride March.

“My favorite part of the Pride march was seeing all of the teenagers and college students that joined and felt free to express themselves,” said Kugler. “Creating an environment where everyone can be the most authentic version of themselves is what we’re striving for.” 

Redwire team members in Colorado attended Denver PrideFest together to celebrate this month. Denver Pride is produced by The Center, a registered 501-c-3 nonprofit organization that provides year-round programs and services for the LGBTQ+ community. Team members enjoyed food, drink and entertainment at the two-day festival, which draws visitors from throughout the state of Colorado. 

Redwire employees attended the Denver PrideFest on Saturday, June 25. Photo courtesy of Cory Jaramillo.

As reflected by our core values, Redwire unequivocally stands for diversity, fairness, and equality for all individuals and that discrimination has no place in our workplace or our communities. To our LGBTQ+ employees and customers: we welcome you, we celebrate you, and we will continue to advocate for you.  

Read more about Redwire’s support of diversity and inclusion in the Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Arab American Heritage Month, Women’s History Month and Black History Month blogs. 

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