Global Space Congress 2019 Sees Strong Support from Commercial Space Community

  • Global Space Congress 2019 drew strong participation from the commercial space community around the world
  • Made In Space participated in an industry panel focused on space manufacturing
  • First Pan-Arab agreement for space exploration announced at the Congress

The 2019 Global Space Congress, hosted by the UAE Space Agency, convened this month, March 19-21, bringing together a diverse cross-section of the international space community. The Congress highlighted new applications for cutting-edge space technology, policy challenges, and opportunities for international collaboration.

Made In Space (MIS) President & CEO Andrew Rush participated in a panel focused on ‘Space Manufacturing and Industry’ which featured a robust discussion on enabling technologies, new opportunities and the role of government in the space manufacturing era.

In his remarks, Rush emphasized the availability of space manufacturing technology currently in operation on the International Space Station (ISS) through MIS technologies like the Additive Manufacturing Facility and Fiber payload. These innovative technologies are providing manufacturing capabilities on orbit and enabling the development of space-optimized materials which could yield even more profitable commercial applications in the coming years. Rush also noted that the current ISS utilization era is allowing innovative companies a golden opportunity to pioneer new technologies, bring new products to market and explore new markets in space.

The biggest news of the week came at the start of the Congress when the first Pan-Arab agreement for space exploration was announced. Saudi Arabia and 10 other countries will join together to coordinate their space exploration efforts. The group’s first project will be to develop a satellite system that will be constructed in the UAE. This historic announcement truly reflects the collaborative climate that exists within the space community presently. Many countries are beginning to stand up or increase investments in their own national space agencies, the commercial space markets sees new entrants at an astonishing rate and the opportunities for new business models continues to expand.

With a strong showing from the commercial space sector including Boeing; Airbus; Thales Lockheed Martin and many others, the Congress highlighted new opportunities for industry amidst growing investments in space in the Middle East and globally.

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