Developing Next-Gen Space Infrastructure

Satellite and Space Systems

Redwire is enabling the next generation of satellite and spacecraft design through our innovative technology suite that combines additive manufacturing with robotic assembly for remote in-space construction of high-power small satellites and large complex structures.

Our satellite manufacturing programs can deliver on-orbit servicing, assembly and manufacturing (OSAM) capabilities thereby enabling the manufacturing, repair and reconstitution of satellite assets.

National security priorities like maintaining and enhancing the nation’s space domain awareness infrastructure and NASA’s exploration roadmap for Moon to Mars will employ new platforms and infrastructure that will benefit from in-space manufacturing capabilities. Building cost-effective infrastructure off the planet without having to launch critical components will be crucial for addressing these priorities for civil, defense and commercial customers. Redwire is pioneering new capabilities in space that will reshape the design landscape for space missions. Combining additive manufacturing and robotic assembly to create space-optimized assets alters the future of mission architecture and satellite design.

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Space sensors and
technology components

RedWire technology has been at the forefront of space exploration since its beginning, providing satellite components that are integral to the mission success of hundreds of low-earth orbit (LEO), geosynchronous (GEO) and interplanetary spacecraft. By combining new space technologies with a proven heritage in space flight, Redwire is uniquely qualified to meet the complexity and demands of today’s growing and evolving space industry.

Our sensor and spacecraft component capabilities include the design and manufacture of mission-critical, high reliability optical sensors for satellites providing guidance, navigation, situational awareness, and control capabilities. Key products include sun sensors, star trackers, and star cameras.

Space Exploration Solutions

RedWire is supporting the next era of human spaceflight through our extensive engineering experience in human spaceflight systems and subsystem designs.

Redwire teams have supported the Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle since it was proposed by Lockheed Martin and selected by NASA as the nation’s deep space exploration vehicle in 2006. Redwire employs a diverse team of human exploration spaceflight system and subsystem engineers, leads, and subject matter experts capable of developing next generation exploration systems.