Veritrek Thermal Analysis Software


Veritrek’s statistical approach to thermal analysis enables users to quickly evaluate thermal design sensitivities, rapidly identify design risks, and find engineering solutions. Leveraging the power of reduced-order models, the Veritrek software provides access to thousands of simulation results in seconds. This enables a maximized understanding of a thermal design and enables previously infeasible analyses types such as sensitivity studies, design optimization studies, trade studies, model correlation efforts, and much more.

By sacrificing a greater upfront time investment of generating
a reduced-order model from a high-fidelity model, Veritrek prioritizes providing a complete understanding of a thermal model’s design space and minimizing mission risk. The innovative software suite enables users to explore, verify and improve thermal analysis. Simply select a thermal model, convert it to a reduced-order model using Veritrek’s Creation Tool, and obtain thousands of results in seconds in Veritrek’s Exploration Tool.

Currently built for Thermal Desktop, Veritrek’s reduced-order models are created from training data of a high-fidelity thermal model. The result is an accurate statistical predictor of a thermal model’s behavior in near real-time. Veritrek’s easy-to-use interface provides a straightforward, powerful enhancement to standard thermal modeling and analysis approaches.


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