FALCCON High Gain Broadband Space Antenna


FALCCON (Frequency Agile L-band Core COmmon Node) is Redwire’s standard product for high-gain, tactical communications, telemetry, navigation or remote sensing needs.

FALCCON is based on a commoncore unit cell ‘node’ which offers a gain-frequency curve that is ideal for broadband applications. Apertures based on FALCCON technology can be scaled in size for specific link requirements, and scaled in frequency for varying applications.

FALCCON-based apertures enjoy high power handling capabilities, and high efficiency for sensitive uplink needs. The variant shown has been tuned for L-Band tactical waveforms such as MIDS Link-16.

The current FALCCON portfolio includes a high-gain (21 dBic) and intermediate gain (18.5 dBic) option for use with L-band radios such as MIDS Link-16, as well as a wideband high-gain GNSS option.

The antenna delivers equal power flux across a wide (24%+) spectrum by perfectly balancing antenna boresight gain with path loss over the frequency band.

  • MIDS Link-16
  • GNSS
  • Commercial COMMs
  • Telemetry
  • Radar

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