Scale Models


Beginning with a concept, our artists 3D print and paint accurate to-scale depictions of spacecraft. These models are durable and fully reconfigurable.

Key Specifications


Our Scale Modeling Process

1. 3D Modeling

Engineering Visualization
Our artists receive the dimensions of the craft and conceptualize it in a computer environment.

2. 3D Printing

Model Production
We send out our files to a 3D printer and smooth the sides to prepare for more detailed painting.

3. Priming

First painting Step
The model gets primed before the final painting process beings.

4. Full Painting

Achieving Realism
We send out our model to be fully painted to give the most realistic look to the materials.

5. Magnetism

Adding Structure
Our Models are held together with powerful magnets that allow for easy arrangement.

6. Full Assembly

The Final Look
The model is done and ready to ship out. Our models are carefully packed in durable cases to ensure quality.